Modern Texas Thrash Metal - FFO: Slayer, Pantera, Fear Factory & Sepultura 

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In 2013, a thunderous voice emerged from the sweltering heat and vibrant culture of Mission, Texas, along the volatile US/Mexico border. This primal wail was Overt Enemy, a relentless thrash metal powerhouse that soon captured the attention of metal legends and fans around the world. They've crafted a unique style of "Modern Texas Thrash" that combines the face-melting intensity of their twin guitar and vocal attack, thunderous drums, groovy basslines, and thought-provoking lyrics. Musically influenced by Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, and Fear Factory, Overt Enemy stands on the shoulders of legends on a quest to blaze a new trail.

Products of the rich music legacy of the Texas Rio Grande Valley, Overt Enemy thrives alongside their RGV-based peers; national touring acts Scarlett O'Hara, Panteon, Severance, Confused, Sons of Texas, I Am Heir, and Kryptic Mutation. The stark realities of their home region, the epicenter of the US/Mexico border crisis – a striking contrast of cultural beauty, family, poverty, international commerce, human trafficking, and drug cartel activities – underpin the raw intensity of their music. This backdrop gives their songs authenticity and vibrancy that reverberates far beyond the Texan border. Their sound now echoes globally, positioning them as a key player in the New Wave of Thrash Metal (NWOTM).

Overt Enemy epitomizes the consummate DIY ethos and unwavering professionalism. They have forged their path, undeterred by conventions, and blazed a trail marked by their commitment to their craft. Their dedication to their fans and the metal community is unwavering, and their impact extends beyond the music, using their platform to foster positivity and unity. Initially forming as a “one-off” tribute to the late Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, the band has blossomed into a relentless thrash metal powerhouse, building an engaged audience across the U.S. and in over 100 countries worldwide. Overt Enemy's dedication to fan engagement and community enrichment echoes through their support of charitable causes and their commitment to transforming every performance into an unforgettable experience. This unwavering dedication has resulted in endorsements by Sawtooth Guitars, Emperor Cabs, FU-Tone, GODPS Music, Chromacast, and a rapidly growing fanbase, even during the limitations imposed by the global pandemic.

Receiving accolades from both fans and the metal press, the stamp of approval from metal legends such as Max Cavalera, who hailed them as "Grade A Texas Thrash," and nods from industry greats like Body Count’s Ice-T, comedian Brian Posehn, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, Trivium’s Matt Heafy, and Zetro, vocalist for thrash metal legends Exodus, Overt Enemy is a testament to the enduring spirit and powerful resurgence of thrash metal. Their collaboration with "DIY Co-op" label Confused Records birthed two critically acclaimed EPs in 2018 and 2019, expanding their reach far beyond Texas. Overt Enemy’s music has been featured in four independent films – "Blood Tapes," "5G Zombies," "Apex Predators," and "Cobra Strike Force". Endorsement from YouTube's #PVT Host & KFRQ 94.5FM's Rock n Roll James, and numerous internet radio stations around the world, along with regular airplay on Sirius XM Liquid Metal, underscore their growing global impact.

Their story is one of dedication to family, metal, and overcoming adversity. Overt Enemy initially formed as a tribute band for the late Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, but after a lineup change that resulted in recruiting longtime friend, Guitarist Rob Hahn, they quickly evolved into a full-fledged original act. Friends since college, they’d played together in other bands, and Rob had taken a few years off of music to help his wife after his son’s autism diagnosis. Bassist Laura "Slayerella" Ortiz is a two-time cancer survivor. Her husband, Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Leo Ortiz, underwent major back surgery while recording their upcoming album, "Insurrection," triumphantly returning to the stage just three months after surgery to perform as direct support for Soulfly on the Texas leg of their 2022 North American tour, demonstrating a relentless perseverance that underscores the band's music. Original drummer Jaime Ayala symbolically passed the torch to Overt Enemy drum tech Saul Castillo in 2022, marking a new chapter for the band.

This renewed line-up charged into 2023, making history as the first metal band to perform at the 21st annual "Thunder in The Hill Country" Biker Rally. Their debut performance with Castillo was immortalized in the upcoming live album, "Official Live: Thunder in the Hill Country 2023," and includes the first live performances of three new songs from their upcoming album, music from both of their EPs, and their favorite Slayer covers. With two highly anticipated releases on the horizon – the live album and a new studio album, "Insurrection" – the band is primed to explode and is one of the top underground bands to watch post-pandemic. Overt Enemy continues to charge forward, spearheading the thrash metal resurgence, intent on shaping a new era of metal music on their own terms, fueled by their resilient spirit, fan-focused approach, and unyielding commitment to their craft.

"Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs…..
That’s a pretty accurate way to describe what went down in Bandera, Texas at the 'Thunder in the Hill Country' Biker Rally. We’ve been chopping away at our new album for a bit, really missed playing live and figured what better way to break in the new guy (drummer Saul Castillo) than to road test some new songs with a bunch of rowdy bikers! So we packed our recording gear into the rental van, grabbed the crew and hit the road for the 'biggest little party in Texas'. Apparently we were the first metal band to play the event in its 21 year history and we kicked off Saturday night's concerts with a proper Texas thrashing…75 minutes of pure face melting aggression….and captured the whole damn thing! Rather than wait for our new album release we thought the longtime OVERT ENEMY family would appreciate some new blood in their ear holes so we had our brother Rob Canales at Red Barn Studios mix the whole set. We appreciate you guys and hope you’ll crank it up in the car or at your next BBQ and have a good time…make sure you stretch your necks appropriately" - OVERT ENEMY