Overt Enemy - Official Live: Thunder in the Hill Country -CD

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On March 25th 2023 modern thrash metal outfit OVERT ENEMY performed at the 21st annual "Thunder In The Hill Country" Biker Rally in Bandera, Texas. To celebrate the occasion OVERT ENEMY recorded their entire 75 minute-long set which includes songs from both EP's, their favorite SLAYER covers and three brand new songs from their upcoming album. The live album Overt Enemy: Official Live - Thunder in the Hill Country 2023 was released on Sept 22nd, 2023.


1. Intro

2. In The End We Died

3. Blood God

4. Mandatory Suicide

5. Mercenary

6. Political Cancer

7. Dead Skin Mask

8. At Dawn They Sleep

9. Fire In The Skies

10. Psychotic Episode

11. Seasons in the Abyss

12. Raining Blood/World Painted Blood

13. Go Hard or Go Home

14. Pray for Death

15. War Ensemble

16. South of Heaven

17. Angel of Death