Lineup Update 12/9/2022

Posted by Robert Hahn on

After nearly 10 years powering Overt Enemy’s sonic assault our brother & drummer Jaime Ayala has decided to retire to spend more time with his family. Jaime is our brother and is part of the family we choose so we absolutely understand and respect his decision. We truly appreciate all his contributions and you never know he may sit in on occasion at a local show. Moving forward we’re excited to announce that our drum tech and absolute monster badass drummer Saul Castillo has accepted our offer to become the new heartbeat of Overt Enemy. To say that he’s extremely excited is an understatement as we’re viciously tearing through our new material and finalizing drum compositions for the new album. Please give Jaime & Saul your best wishes and be on the lookout for lots of new behind the scenes content as we prepare for an explosive 2023.
Thanks again Jaime we love you with all our hearts and we know you’ll always be in our corner. We’ll always have your back brother.
Overt Enemy


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